They talk us about peace ... they wage war against us!

It is always in the name...

of PEACE... in the Caucasus,
of LIBERTY... of the Chechnian or Russian people,
of HUMANITARIAN AID... towards the "oppressed people",
of humanitarian INTERFERING RIGHT,
of STRUGGLE... against terrorism,

... that they prepare us PEACE... of graves!

Yesterday in the Balkans,

today in the Caucasus, tomorrow...

The war is a war against the proletariat!

The present massacres are possible, because there is social peace, submission to the dictatorship of money!

Proletarian, don't believe that the diplomatic missions, the humanitarian missions, the missionaries of Vatican,... will be able to stop massacres. To oppose the capitalistic barbarity, the only strengths you can count on are your owns and those of your class brothers.

Against social peace, peace of graves, let's fight against our own bourgeoisie!

Let's oppose to the international union of bourgeoisie, the growing union of internationalist proletarians!

Let's take up the flag of the world revolution again!

Internationalist Communist Group (ICG)

BP 54 - Saint-Gilles (BRU) 3 - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgium -