Against War, Against Peace

* * *

The small number of people today who appear to oppose America's present bloody military interventions must be aplodded for their courage and persistance.

They stand against the masses' constant, unthinking aproval of military force. And they are faced with situation where they have no ideas to give them any expectations that they could effectively oppose these interventions.

The ideas put at the recent anti-war demos seem approximately divided between pacifism and reformulations of the classical Trotskist or Maoist left. Each of these approaches have some insights into the conditions of the current slaughter (we are writing at the point of simultaneous bombing campaigns against Yugoslavia and Iraq). Passifists realize that the actions of each side serves mainly to polarize the entire situation. Leninist leftists realize that each side is motivated by market forces and the need to preserve capitalism. Each position has totally ridiculous qualities as well. Pacificist ideology implies that the government, the powerful or "we," may somehow just wake-up to the "mistake" that were made and change the course of the war. Each Leninists group looks for a particular nation to push as "oppressed" and naturally ignores the obvious common interest each national gangster has with the other. The different flavors "socialist" absurdly talk about "imperialism" when capitalism conquered the entire world and NATO's intervention surely serves to strength the bloody nationalism of Yugoslavia/Serbia.

What each side misses is that this war is an inherent result of normal daily life. What is naively called peace - work, shopping and television - is the health of the state and the war machine. The housing development, the industrial park and the shopping mall create and are created by the military industrial complex. Not only does military production sustain the economy, but every dictatorial institution, from McDonalds to Microsoft to the Department of Defense, reinforces every other. The wars of today are quite correctly called "police actions." America's army intervenes on world scale to keep the same bloody order that cops protect on a local level. The goal of NATO is not to simply to dominate Kosova but to control the direction of it's development - to assure that exploitation and peace prevail.

Just as in Somalia, the war in Kosova began to impose a "humanitarian solution" to the problem of a dispossessed that would not behave. And this humanitarian solution is the order of capitalism itself. "Humanitarian" organizations around the world have shown themselve to be in many ways as much pawns of world capitalist as NATO. While some NGOs are simply fronts for west intelligence agencies, their fundamental problem comes as they operate with the paradigm of putting the dispossessed in a positon of dependence and training the dispossessed for order of development. In this way, the "NGOs" serve as social workers ("soft cops") to NATOs hard cops. The humanitarian peace that NATO, NGOs and the United Nations seeks impose is specifically to keep proletarians in a position of dependence. If the various nations or organizations disagree about methods, it merely a question of fighting about who gets to carve up the pie. A full picture of this process can be seen in UN "humanitarian" refugee camps set-up after the uprising against Saddam Husain in Northern Iraq ("Kurdistan"). These camps demanded proletarian surrender their weapons in exchange for food - food which the UN had itself embargo against Iraq. The camps were served to defeat the rebellious proletarians who were fighting America's supposed enemy, Saddam Hussein. Indeed, US forces in the Gulf War had already killed 50,000 Iraqi deserters while working hard to keep Saddam Huesain in power. (It is quite possible that once the dust settles in Kosova we will find that similar rebellions happened and were suppressed by both sides. But naturally, the actual situation is difficult to determine). In any case, the present order of war and peace is directly against the proletariat, and our rebellions, our refusal to accept the dictatorship of money, of work and bureaucracy.

Dispossessed Of All Nations Unite and Destroy Your Enemies.

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