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About the bombings of March 11th, 2004 in Madrid

The war that the coalition leads in Iraq under the leadership of the United States also takes place here, in Europe, in Australia, in the United States, in Mexico, in Indonesia... The bombings in Madrid confirmed this reality: Madrid is Baghdad, as tomorrow any European or American metropolis can become Basra or Falludja. In this world there is no innocent and, objectively, the inhabitants of countries whose States are slaughtering everywhere on this planet are not considered as such. The imposing massacre of proletarians in Madrid has been necessary so that some proletarians of that country assume this brutal reality and take to the streets in order to fight against their oppressors, against those who send them to war and force them to take part into it in the rear (through work, vote, taxes...), while screaming this terrifying truth: “Your wars, our deaths!”

It is only when the terrorism that “our” bourgeois and “our” States are imposing everywhere stroke in an undifferentiated way our brothers of Madrid, that some factions of the proletariat in Spain and in other countries in Europe have recover their class terrain struggling against those who send us/them dying and killing for the defense of the bourgeois interests all over the world.

It is not about changing this government for another one, nor to oppose bourgeois peace to war; peace is only one moment of war. Besides we know what the promises of the “socialists” of Spain mean (is it necessary to recall the promise of rupture with NATO that never took place and that constituted the center of the campaign of these same socialists, some years ago?). If they withdrew the troops from Iraq, it is because we, proletarians, frightened them, otherwise they could not have governed. The Spanish State still remains an important member of the international repression led by the White House: it sends anti-riot material, vehicles and troops in Latin America and it demonstrates the repressive capacities of its cops in former Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan... If we don't fight against them today, tomorrow they will return to Iraq with more cops, with a larger humanitarian cover and under the flag of the UN, badly covering up that they legitimate the same war, the same repression.

The determined proletarian groups that took to the streets to denounce the fact that the slaughters perpetrated by “our” bourgeois, by “our” States and imperialistic blocks are responsible for the death of the people killed here; also tell us that the war in Iraq is also here, that in their everyday life proletarians practically choose between supporting their bourgeois national economy and therefore take part in the massacres of our class brothers all over the world, or, on the contrary, taking to the streets in order to struggle against their own bourgeois, to impose the revolutionary violence in order to stop the murderous wars that “our own” States are making everywhere in the world.

Let’s not wait for more proletarian massacres in Iraq and in “our cities” to fight “here and now” against war. Capitalism permanently develops this terrorism against humanity. The whole functioning of “our national economies”, of “our democratic systems” uses the proletarian blood to perpetuate itself.

Let's fight against war “here and now!”

Against “our” bourgeois, against “our” national economies, against “our” own gendarme state!

For the communist revolution!



Dictatorship of the Proletariat for the Abolition of Wage Labour

Central review in English of the Internationalist Communist Group (ICG)