Behind these initials, the same and disgusting capitalistic reality:

Worse Conditions of EXPLOITATION! (*)

Incredible class VIOLENCE forcing proletarians to sell themselves to the bosses in order to quite simply survive.

Bourgeois VIOLENCE that can be summed up in a general deterioration of all our surviving conditions: always more bloody awful and less paid jobs, always more harmful food, always more polluted air, still more fatal diseases...

Still capitalistic VIOLENCE with the almost permanent war for more than the half of the population of the planet.


Proletarian, if you want to be really victorious, you need to take to the streets otherwise.

Let's REFUSE to march and walk the streets in these carnivalesque processions where the only thing emerging is to feel powerless.

Let's ORGANIZE demonstrations outside and against the unions, parties,... Let them become real struggle centres!

Let's BREAK democratic idiocy of "supreme and massive" EGM, let's spit on "permanently elected and removable delegates"... Let's break fetishism of the majority. That's enough talk and vote, the time has come for action.

Let's ATTACK the bourgeoisie where it doesn't wait for us. The state wants to assume the monopoly of violence: let's break it! Let's oppose proletarian violence towards violence of the state.

Let's SPREAD the movement to all sectors of our class: general strike outside and against union farce, production sabotage. Let's organize flying pickets, let's stop movement of goods at crossroads, stations, airports...

Let's STRANGLE the dictatorship of the economy as our class brothers did lately all over the world (Bolivia, Algeria, Argentina, Iraq, etc.).

Down with labor! Down with exploitation! Down with capitalism!



Internationalist Communist Group (ICG)

BP 33 - Saint-Gilles (BRU) 3 - 1060 Brussels - Belgium
www.geocities.com/icgcikg - icgcikg[at]yahoo.com
Comrade, don't hesitate to copy parts or the whole of this leaflet, it's an expression of a class living and struggling to suppress its own slave condition. (March 21st, 2006)
(*) untranslatable play on words with the initials CPE, which officially means "Contrat Première Embauche" [First Job Contract]; many demonstrators change the meaning of these initials and find a lot of new explanations; we also did it: CPE = Conditions Pires d'Exploitation [Worse Conditions of Exploitation].