Antiterrorism = development of terror against our struggles

The war in Afghanistan and its trail of antiterrorist measures in every country, mark a step in the development of the general war against the proletariat! Facing the proletarian struggles that "threaten" to develop all States support themselves and unite.

Antiterrorism is the monopoly of weapons in the hands of the State against our struggles!

Let's open our eyes and let's recognize that the war in Afghanistan, in Yugoslavia, in Iraq,... is a war against our own struggles!

Let's open our eyes and let's recognize that the struggles of our class brothers in Algeria, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Iran, in Indonesia,... are our own struggles!

To submit to the antiterrorist campaigns, it is accepting the brutal reduction of wages over there as here and it is contributing to the repression of our comrades over there as here.

Our struggle is here and now against what makes of us slaves of labour, of shortage, of money, of capital.


While the capital claims to be socialist or liberal, warmongering or pacifist, polluting or biodegradable, from the South or from the North,... it is always dictatorship of money, of the rate of profit, and, from summits to antisummits, from referendum to elections, it puts on stage the bourgeois who will determine what fate has in store for us.

Let's organize beyond the borders, outside and against the summits and antisummits and any other structure of the bourgeois State!

The only alternative is THE WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION!

Internationalist Communist Group (ICG)

BP 54 - Saint-Gilles (BRU) 3 - 1060 Brussels - Belgium -